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Welcome To Bethel Life Centre

934 rte Bolton Pass, Bolton-Est. J0E1G0

Teaching Kingdom Purpose and Principles ©

Bethel Life International Fellowship ®

Welcome to the website of Bethel LIFE Centre.

We are a bi-lingual assembly serving the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

Our global mission is simple: Preach the Word of God,

Teach Kingdom Purpose and Principles, and to grow disciples.

We realize that the God we serve not only desires to change our spiritual environment,

but to change our hearts as well. He desires not only to heal our bodies,

but also to heal our hearts.

He not only speaks peace to the winds and the waves, but He also speaks peace to our hearts.

God declares that when His Word comes it will get the WORK that is needed done. 

As we speak and share the Word of God with you,

our prayer is that you respond to His Word with a praise of thanks

and a worship of “Yes, Lord” in spite of or because of everything that you have been through.

At Bethel LIFE Centre we liken the Word of God to surgical instruments

being skillfully used to cure the spiritual issues of the heart.

In 2012 to 2015  we partnered with NetworkChurches.tv and LifeChurch.tv with this in mind.

 Bethel Life Centre Where The Communities Of The Eastern Townships Meet.


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